House Porn

Last weekend I got to do something fun; the builders who constructed my house came by with their photographer to take a few glamour shots of the place. I hesitated to post these here, because it feels a little bit silly, but since I talked so much about it when it was under construction, I figured I might as well show the final payoff, too.

I’m about as self-conscious about these as I would be of actual glamour shots of me. 😆 I’ve still got a long way to go to make it exactly the home I want, but after all the effort it’s taken to get this far, now seems like a nice time to pause and enjoy how far it’s come.


Making it Home

I haven’t posted since moving in to the new place. Spoiler alert: it’s great. It’s been a lot of work, too, and a huge emotional adjustment to getting back to living by myself again. Sunday will mark one month since I moved in. I can’t wait to see what it looks like and feel how it feels when I’m celebrating one year.

My new FLOR

An update: In March 2012 I replaced my FLOR with the area rug seen above. Unfortunately I can’t recommend FLOR carpet tiles for an office situation. Spending many hours a day in a rolling chair was hell on the FLOR tiles, and I had to pull them up and re-align them every two weeks or so. I still like the FLOR for durability and style, but the adhesive that sticks them together just isn’t strong enough to hold up to a desk chair (the low-pile carpet itself handled the rolling casters with no problem, though). I’m giving the FLOR tiles to my mom and putting them a room that doesn’t get quite so much traffic.

The original post is below.

After months of indecision about a rug for my small home office, I finally found a perfect fit in FLOR carpet tiles. The cleverly-named Sophistikat pattern is a really cool punch of graphic color in the room I spend more time in than any other. Highly recommended.