Something’s Unraveling, Alright

Jolie O’Dell at VentureBeat: Apple’s press conference showed a brand unraveling

While today’s Apple event unveiled a couple new improvements to an expected lineup of products, it also revealed a certain sloppiness that was absent from former, Steve Jobs-led launches.

[…] I think today’s Apple event shows that perfectionism fraying a bit around the edges. The bad pun, the goofy logo, the weird product name — all of it pointed to a leadership that either didn’t understand or didn’t care about consistency in iconography.

Obviously O’Dell is right — Tim Cook is failing to hold Apple to the high standards that Steve Jobs set for the company. Steve Jobs’s Apple never would have used an ambiguous product name like “The new iPad.”

Steve Jobs’s Apple never would have used a silly pun to announce a major new product.

And there’s no way Steve Jobs’s Apple ever would have used some weird special effects on the Apple logo.

Up until now I thought Tim Cook had done a pretty amazing job of taking over as CEO of the most successful company on the planet, but that VentureBeat article has really cast some seeds of doubt in my mind.

Good Branding

Good Branding
“‘Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.’ See what destruction hath wrought in July 2011.”

I’ve never actually shopped at Restoration Hardware, though my roommate John and I used to occasionally go to the one in New Orleans to sit on their furniture and pretend that we were rich. Despite that, I’ve always admired their impeccable branding, evidence of which I happened to notice while looking at Google Street View (this is their new store in Houston). Even on a construction barricade, their aristocratic brand is in full effect.