Loving Spring

Just caught Maggie eating wildflowers in the yard. As cute as it is, it makes me think about the inevitable first battle with my push mower in a week or so. The weather’s so beautiful, though, I can hardly complain.

I’ve accepted the reality that for the time being, this blog is mostly going to consist of pictures of my dog. :)

Metal Type

On a whim (my whims are strange) I decided to buy my first font — an actual set of 20th Century Bold, 30 pt., cast in lead. My ongoing fascination with typography always needs more fuel, and getting to play with a font in its three-dimensional form brings new meaning to the names I’ve thus far only given to items on a page or a screen — leading, ems, dashes and brackes that I can hold in my hand. It’s just the beginning of a fascination, but I can imagine how quickly it could elevate into a full-blown hobby.

Tybee People

I haven’t written about my trip last week — despite having a million things to say, there’s just been no time. Coworking with Brian, Sheri, Jane, Mike and Matt was awesome — we always end up being a little sad we don’t work together in-person after we do these. We got to meet up with some local WordPress users from the Tybee Times (new WordPress-powered site coming soon!), SCAD Radio, and District.

Being back in a place that still feels like home, with the people I work with, was surreal at times but really fun for me. The menu still calls me back: “Come Home Matt.”

But these Tybee people. These people were my brothers and sisters for two years. Being away for so long almost let me forget how much I missed them, but one night back together reminded me well. I’d prepared myself for the possibility that I might not see anyone I knew while I was in town. I forgot to prepare myself for the possibility that I’d get to see so many. Tybee was my home again for a week and I couldn’t have hoped for it to have been any better. It won’t be so long before I come back again.

The photo above is from Matt’s Tybee WordPress Meetup gallery. Sheri took some awesome pictures of our WordPress meetup at Huc-a-Poo’s.

Making Potica

Making potica for Christmas was my grandmother’s tradition, and when she couldn’t manage the work any longer, I decided to learn so the tradition wouldn’t be lost. My mom, my brother and I got together to make one a few days ago — it took three hours but was totally worth it. It’s also really boring to watch at normal speed, so here’s making potica in under a minute:

Music: Another Christmas Song by Stephen Colbert