All Hands on Deck

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It’s not that MARTA doesn’t go anywhere, it’s that we haven’t built anywhere worth going to around MARTA.

Published on Oct. 28, 2016 by Matthew Garbett

There’s a good piece in StreetsBlog about the benefits to transit in Atlanta if the MARTA expansion tax passes. These include doubling bus frequencies, 30 miles of light rail, Bus Rapid Transit, infill stations and more.

It’s an important stepfor Atlanta’s future as a city who’s population is expected to double or triple in the next 35 years, and critical for our attempts to be a more walkable, transit oriented city.

But it’s only an important first step. As Sam Newburg of Joe Urban puts it:

“Rail miles, lines and stations are important, but equally if not more so is the fabric of the city once people step off the platform.That is where we must set ourselves apart, and that requires…

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