Good connections for pedestrians are needed near Atlanta transit stations

This is an interesting read. After having lived in Atlanta for a few years, I’m beginning to understand the importance of the role of design in cities — and the degree to which it’s been neglected.

ATL Urbanist

Posted on September 24, 2016 by Darin Givens [ATL Urbanist]

Walking to a transit station in Atlanta should be a breeze. It should be a thing that you actually want to do — not a dangerous chore that you do only when you have no other choice. 

In the video above, which I made this week, notice the white car turning right onto West Peachtree Street from North Avenue into a crowd of pedestrians who are crossing with a signal. I watched several cars do this exact thing before I pulled out my camera.

You can see this kind of thing all day at this spot in front of the North Avenue MARTA station and I believe it’s not just a matter of careless drivers — as someone who walks the city and observes driver and pedestrian behavior, it seems to me that the design of the street is encouraging and enabling…

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