Reminders of Spring

Around this time of year, I need to remind myself that winter doesn’t last forever. These scenes are from the garden at my mother’s house, planted by its original owner, Wayne de la Rua — Baldwin county’s first Master Gardener. Much of it was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, but I’m happy that we captured a few pieces of it in photos.

Published by Matt Miklic

Designer, and other useful things.

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  1. Hi Matt, I have been quietly stalking your blog because I love the way to take pictures. In particular, I love the way you create your gallery posts. Unfortunately, I use the RYU theme too and I have completely failed to format a gallery post to turn out like this. The pictures just stack up in a row. Can you please please help a friendly stalker? :-)


    1. Hi Emily, sorry it took me so long to reply. Thanks for the kind words! To switch to tiled layouts from the default, head over to Settings → Media in your blog’s dashboard, scroll down to “Image Gallery Carousel,” and select the box next to “Display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic.” If you need more help, this Support article should guide the way. Cheers!


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