Boy Scouts of America still undecided if gay people are too icky for scouting

I was a Boy Scout for a few years as a young kid. I loved it. But if I had a son today, there’s no way our family could be involved in scouting. That’s sad to me, because I think the experience is valuable — not only was it a lot of fun, but I learned life skills beyond making a fire with flint. It doesn’t seem like the people in charge of the BSA learned them though. You don’t have any honor, any integrity, any honesty if in this day and age, you can’t stand up to elements of intolerance within your organization. Quite frankly, in 2013, it doesn’t even take that much bravery for large organizations in America to take a stand for LGBT equality, making today’s non-announcement a little extra lame. Meanwhile the Girl Scouts continue to stand as models, both for girls and for other youth organizations.

4 thoughts on “Boy Scouts of America still undecided if gay people are too icky for scouting

  1. When I was walking into my local deli one day and boy scouts tried to sell me their popcorn, I pretty much told them exactly this. Sure, maybe the kids didn’t need to hear it, but I think it was for their own good. It also basically passed the torch to their parents, and I hope a conversation about equality took place afterwards.


  2. Actually, my daughter quit Girl Scouts when at the age of 8, they thought learning how to apply makeup was a survival tactic. She was so mad, and quite frankly I’m not one to let my kids quit anything but I was totally on board this time!


  3. Agree with everything here except the title. Sadly, I think the Boy Scouts have totally decided that gay people are too icky for scouting. In the wise words of Rush (yes, I’m a little ashamed for quoting them) “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” Shame on them.


  4. The Boy Scouts are generally comfortable with equality. It is the dinosaurs who run the central office who get a lot of Mormon money who feel kinda icky about changing things.

    Personally, I would participate with the Boy Scouts. I bought some popcorn. You can participate in something good and imperfect, while working to change those imperfections. I have a friend who returned his Eagle pin in protest. That speaks few more forcefully to those with the power to change things than people not joining Scouting ever will.

    In my day, we noted the ostensible prohibition on Atheist scouts. We had Atheist scouts anyway. *I* am an Atheist. And FWIW, after wrestling a bit, I came to interpret the law of Reverence to be that if I do not believe in God, I would not falsely profess to Its existence. Atheism, for me, is reverence. And a modern Scout can be morally straight by practicing and promoting tolerance and working within an imperfect system to improve it.


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