Questions and Answers

A few months ago I changed my Directv package to “Premiere” to get all the NBC Olympic channels. I called recently to switch back to my original plan (after trying to do so online and finding you can only upgrade online, not downgrade — classy). After getting someone on the line, the conversation went like this:

Me: Hi, I’d like to switch from the Premiere package to the Choice Extra package, please.

Directv: I’d be glad to assist you! Would you like to keep any of your premium channels?

Me: No.

Directv: May I ask why not?

Me: No.

Directv: Excuse me?

Me No, you may not ask me why not.

Directv: …

Directv: I’m happy to inform you that I’ve been authorized to offer you three months of Directv Premiere at a discounte–

Me: No thank you.

Directv: Excuse me?

Me: No, I do not want that.

Directv: …

Directv: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

Me: No.

So there’s a number of things bad there but just picking off the top, is it really in Directv’s corporate training that their call center representatives act like spurned lovers during a service change? Despite my best efforts I haven’t convinced the other people in my house to cancel it altogether yet, so why the begging, the attitude? Am I really the first person to jusy say “no” to every question they ask? The number of services I’m willing to use that insert needless friction into their user experience is dwindling rapidly.

2 thoughts on “Questions and Answers

  1. It remind me the guy who called AOL to cancel his internet subscription. The representative asked him to talk to his dad! There is an audio of that on internet.

    I think they have a bonus when they keep clients subscribed to their services. The guy you got on the phone was annoying!


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