This is an eloquent statement of the rational argument for New Orleans. But let’s not kid ourselves: Glenn Beck and his kind like the idea of abandoning New Orleans because it is a Democratic stronghold and a city with an African-American majority. That’s their justification, not sea level or levees or hurricanes or anything else.


After multiple hurricanes, severe flooding, staggering death tolls, expensive rebuilding price tags, and the likes, the critiques that New Orleans shouldn’t exist, be rebuilt, or similar sentiments, are gaining traction.  As Isaac just passed, people are voicing these opinions. Glenn Beck epitomizes this sentiment:

“I find it hard to feel sorry for New Orleans.” … “We should just walk away from that city. Why are we there?” … “I’m not sure if we should bother rebuilding it.” … “Why are we spending all this money in New Orleans? We shouldn’t spend a single dime of tax-payer money.” … “How much do I think should be spent on New Orleans? Zero. Nothing. Not a dime.” … “The Big Easy is a lost cause.”

So many from all over the political spectrum and various walks of life agree.  A lot less crazy people than Beck, as well.  These opinions may sound rational on the…

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