My advice to the Newhouse family

WWL TV: Tom Benson’s letter stating his interest in buying the Times-Picayune

The city of New Orleans is a city of immense culture, economic growth and host to millions of people annually; it is a nationally and internationally recognized city, it is a city deserving of a seven day a week newspaper.

Gambit: New Orleans City Council Resolution R-12-284

Urging the Times-Picayune to take any and all necessary actions, including sale of the newspaper, to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of seven-day-a-week print publication of its newspaper for the benefit of its loyal readers in New Orleans, the Gulf Coast region, and throughout the country.

Gambit: David Vitter’s letter urging the Newhouse family to sell

Maybe you truly believe that your new model for the Times-Picayune will serve the region well. I do not. More importantly, no citizen of the region whom I’ve spoken to about this does. And I literally mean no one. This includes everyone at the Times-Picayune itself that I’ve spoken to.

And don’t ever fucking make me agree with David Vitter again.

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