Fab CEO to entrepreneurs: learn to break up with a bad idea

Fab.com fascinates me on multiple levels (aside from remembering when I knew Bradford Shellhammer as just another blogger in Baltimore). I was a member of the original Fabulis.com, though every effort they made to monetize the service felt slightly scuzzy to me. When I learned about the “pivot” from a gay social network to a daily deals design store, I thought they were crazy. But their success shows why something that seems completely illogical to your existing users can sometimes be the key to saving the company. I never once paid for anything on the original Fabulis, but have bought a ton of stuff on the new Fab.com and have been happy with every purchase.


Design-centric commerce site Fab.com is going global in a big way. In a blog post today, the company announced that it is now available in 13 more European countries, bringing its worldwide total to 16 countries.

“Design is a universal language. It’s a lifestyle,” the company said on its blog. “Great design exists in every country and in every region of the world. An essential part of our vision is to help people everywhere benefit from great design.”

Less than a year after its launch last June, Fab is on track to become something of a phenomenon. The site, which attracted 1.5 million users in its first six months, is nearing 4 million members today, said CEO and co-founder Jason Goldberg at Business Insider’s Startup 2012 conference today.

Given the recent buzz around the value of design and the beautification of the web (think Facebook Timeline, the

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