Coca-Cola defaces the French Quarter with ads. I wonder if this will go over well in New Orleans? Don’t miss the first comment on the post, which notes that Coke’s ad agency specifically mentioned it was illegal when looking for stencil artists. (For fun, also see Coke’s attempt to respond on Twitter.)


It is my opinion that the City of New Orleans is being pimped out promoted at an unprecedented level (to a degree that gives rise to what could be described as “neighborhood fatigue”). Such heavy promotion rarely occurs without unintended consequences: for example, illegal, ugly, and damaging guerrilla marketing campaigns. This kind of defacement is unconscionable and must be addressed immediately.

The following is a letter I sent this evening to elected officials and law enforcement; I’m tired, so it was brief and to the point.

Honorable Mayor Landrieu, Councilmembers Palmer and Clarkson, and NOPD 8th District Commander Walls:

The attached photos depict advertising associated with the NCAA Men’s Final Four event for Coca-Cola products — spray-painted on sidewalks and pavement (including flagstones) in the French Quarter and Faubourg Tremé (and perhaps other) neighborhoods in our city. I ask, is this really how we want companies to behave when our…

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  1. A tragic misunderstanding with their agency….truly awful. But at least they have a story and are STICKING WITH IT. I guess they must be moving really expeditiously to remove this blight on their otherwise wholesome brand.


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