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  1. I admit; this is probably either some pop culture reference I, in my pop-culture illiteracy, don’t get. Like maybe its a line from a song, or sitcom / movie character. Or maybe its an Internet meme I missed. Or else it’s just cool, “That Shit Cray.” Which is, poetically, a cool combination of three words. None the less, I admire a man who can match shoe color to funky metallic gray pants.


  2. Wow, those machines were so imposing. I would not mind having some of the old Cray seat panels to stick around the place and force my guests to sit on. They would most certainly walk around and say, That shit Cray, yo!

    It would be a bonus to have the series of operator manuals for it.
    Just for geeky pleasure.


  3. Shit Bitchin! Fond memories there mate! Used to work for “Massive Dynamics” (lol) back in the late ’80s where we’d just gotten the shiny new XMP. They sent all us FORTRAN programmers to Mondota MN to the CRAY headquarters for “Cray Training”! Now, i believe it’s all been replaced by racks of boring looking Linux clusters, lol. Love the photo. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. I. DONT. GET. IT.

    but i did read about the line from “Niggas in Paris” … it’s “Kray” related to infamous murderous Kray brothers.
    but … hmmm, can you explain this joke? (and why it’s on freshly pressed!?)


  5. Totally don’t get it, it’s probably for the best. I thought people who are in charge of the freshly pressed section of the homepage had better sense than this.


  6. It’s actually a reference to the Kray Twins who were leaders of organized crime in London back in the day in the 50’s. They were also kinda ‘cray cray’ themselves which adds to the reference. HIPHOPNERDALERT


  7. Ok …Look.. Its part of a “cray” super computer from the 70’s, it’s covered with cooler padding to keep it from over heating, thats why the guy is kicking it there, because its “air conditioned”. Duh… (that may even be Seymour himself!)


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