Without lifting a finger

So, it turns out that the voice recognition on the iPhone 4S is kind of amazing. I thought that it would be kind of cool to use it with WordPress so I give it a try and this is the result of that attempt. I even wrote the title and tags with my voice. I won’t correct any of the mistakes that it makes. Other than having to explicitly say each punctuation mark, it’s fairly natural. It’s only made a single mistake so far, so I’m going to stop here. I’ve got to say though; this definitely feels like living in the future.

Published by Matt Miklic

Designer, and other useful things.

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    1. Every time I use Siri, I think of the Mac in my old high school computer lab that could do very rough voice commands. It’s gotten like a thousand times better in 15 years.


    2. As soon as they’ve made it a thing and a phenomenon for the iPhone, I’m sure it’ll go “Back to the Mac” too. They just need to sell some more phones first.


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