There is not much more to be said regarding the execution of Troy Davis.  The doubts regarding his guilt have been reported in every major news outlet and over 600,000 petitions for clemency have been delivered to the Georgia Board of Pardons.  In a case where 7 of 9 witnesses recanted (read sworn affidavits compiled in 2007), where several re-pointed the finger at one of the witnesses who did not recant, one needs to re-assess the flimsy evidence that got him on death row.

The proper lens here is that this seems to be by far the largest push-back against any single execution in American history.  This is not merely those who conscientiously object to the government use of violence to fight violence.  This case has gone viral because Troy Davis’ guilt cannot be clearly demonstrated.  Granted, convictions are complex mountains of eye-witness testimony and physical evidence (albeit none…

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