A Hero for Every Site (via VaultPress Blog)

Yep, I’m reblogging my own post from the VaultPress blog. :) I really enjoyed working with Matthew Woodson on the new illustration he did for us. We’ll be continuing to work together over the next few months, as we lead up to (and celebrate) the public release of VaultPress.

To make room for the hot new art, I busted open the design of the site, getting rid of the borders and background colors, bumping the text up to Twenty-Ten-huge levels, and adding a ton of subtle touches for the Webkit, Opera, and Firefox 4 users to appreciate. Typekit serves up Calluna for headlines and body copy, the typeface we liked so much we used it right in the logo. It’s been lots of fun concentrating on VaultPress over the past few months, and the stuff that’s yet to come is even cooler.

A Hero for Every Site Yesterday, we began rolling out a fresh round of advertising, and we wanted to take just a minute to talk about the story behind it (we are bloggers, after all). Deciding how to advertise a totally new product is a tall order. When your job is providing security and peace of mind, there's two pretty obvious marketing strategies: fear or empowerment. You can scare your users into using your product, or you can make using your product feeling empow … Read More

via VaultPress Blog

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