Is Fox News Evil or Stupid?

Is Fox News Evil or Stupid? The Daily Show’s John Oliver and Wyatt Cenac engage in the most cogent media criticism I’ve see on cable TV in a while.

6 thoughts on “Is Fox News Evil or Stupid?

    1. Unfortunately it seems that the owners of the companies who run the American news media have discovered (remembered, maybe?) that fear is an intoxicatingly powerful method of keeping people glued to their televisions.


    2. The “News” in “FOX News” is kinda a lie. They’re out to sell advertisements and send out their message rather than trying to do unbiased reporting.

      Thankfully they aren’t representative of the news in general.


  1. Um has anyone seen CNN lately? Sorta the same bias you’re talking about, except the other side of the spectrum. That’s why it’s good to watch both or neither.

    And ALL news (online, local, etc.) is 100% based on fear.


    1. Oh, in the debate between Evil and Stupid, CNN is most certainly stupid. They’re most certainly not liberal; Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck made it their home for many years before their level of crazy was too much for that network to take.


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