A Flash Fan’s Review of Flash for Android

Avram Piltch reviews Flash 10.1 for Android:

During these Flash lockups, it was nearly impossible to scroll around the screen and most taps were ignored or followed many seconds later. The only way I found to get your phone back to normal when it’s having a Flash meltdown like this is to hit the back button or the home button to get out of the program and even then the phone takes a second to become responsive again.

Can’t imagine why Apple doesn’t want this on the iPhone.

2 thoughts on “A Flash Fan’s Review of Flash for Android

  1. I don’t think anyone’s really surprised are we? Flash performance on desktop machines sucks too. I killed it off a few minutes ago in Chrome because 4 flash adverts on one site were using something like 30% of my CPU!

    The mobile Youtube site is great though. I just watched a video on my Galaxy S and it played without interruption or stutter!


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