Shameless plug for a thing I love: Bodum Canteen glasses

I got a Williams-Sonoma gift certificate for Christmas, so I picked up something I’ve wanted for a while: a set of Bodum Canteen glasses. They’re made of borosilicate glass, like original Pyrex (or the Hurricane bong, if that’s more your passion), so they’re strong but crystal-clear and lightweight. They’re also double-walled, meaning there’s actually space and air between the layers of glass. This keeps beverages insulated — meaning hot drinks stay hot and you can enjoy them without a handle or a sleeve. It also means cold drinks stay cold, your ice melts slower, and water doesn’t condense on the outer glass, so no rings on your furniture.

Because it’s so versatile for both, I’ll just rinse out the same cup over and over all day, switching between water in the morning, to iced tea with lunch, to hot chocolate at night. It’s awesome. And unfortunately, I’m not getting paid to say so. I read a few reviews from people whose Bodum glasses had chipped or cracked from ice or a violent dishwasher, but so far it’s been smooth sailing (I’ll post a comment here later if that changes). If I get more, I’ll go through Amazon as they’re quite a bit cheaper.

4 thoughts on “Shameless plug for a thing I love: Bodum Canteen glasses

  1. I, too, love my Bodum pieces. I only wish they were thicker. The extra weight would not bother me as much as the fragility of the current designs. When they break they splinter quite badly.

    Unfortunately I’ve had no experience with a Hurricane. ;-)


    1. I am so glad that you have lifted the rock that I’ve been living under all of these years. I didn’t even know these existed. And I wasn’t about to buy those cheesy plastic ones you see middle-aged men drinking beer out of on Super Bowl Sunday.


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