Home Sweet WordPress.com

I do a lot of blogging. I write anywhere from one to ten posts a day and comment on twice that. I just don’t do it here. I communicate with my coworkers at Automattic via a series of private company blogs, almost all using the P2 theme. I also write a lot on Twitter because it’s fast. But it’s frustrating knowing that I don’t really own what’s there. At the same time, I’ve watched the cool stuff my colleagues have done on WordPress.com, and felt jealous of how easy it all looked. Since we released the new version of P2 with support for child themes, I decided to make the leap and move my blog to WordPress.com. I’m looking forward to making a lot more child themes for P2 — it was really fast and painless to totally change the look of the theme while keeping all the cool functionality (and not having to muck about with PHP).

I’m still using the P2 theme, but gussied up a bit with Custom CSS and Typekit (a new feature on WordPress.com). I’m not taking advantage of any Automattic insider trickery; anyone can do what I’ve done here. Feel free to make use of my code in your own P2 child themes.

Here’s to a refresh for the new year!

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