The Little Things

Once design has jumped from what you do for fun to what you do to keep yourself fed and housed, all the little ways in which we can improve life become annoyingly clear. My obsessive tendencies compel me to keep iPhone cables neatly wrapped and tucked away in drawers, which is massively inconvenient for actually ever connecting it to my computer. But I couldn’t stand the clutter of a loose cable dangling on my desk when it wasn’t in use. This kind of thing usually leads me to say “someone should really make this product,” at which point I usually find out that someone already has.

This particular product is a RadTech ProCable Shortz, one of a line of tiny iPhone & iPod cables that are short, strong, and look like they could’ve (and should’ve) come with the iPhone itself. The 20cm length is exactly enough slack to let me stow my phone on the iMac’s foot, so it doesn’t get whipped around during one of the 50 or so times a day I readjust the position or angle of the computer. It’s exactly as much as you need, and nothing more. Sweet words to a graphic designer.

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