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Yesterday, my Automattic colleague Joseph Scott launched the VideoPress Plugin for, meaning anyone with a self-hosted WordPress blog can now use VideoPress and their account for high-quality ad-free video right on their self-hosted WordPress blog. :)

9 thoughts on “VideoPress for

  1. Sort of a bit off-topic, but: on the VideoPress site, although I have Museo (Sans) installed, being a Windows Firefox user I do not seem to be seeing the right font. The different variations seem to have their weight number values in their actual names in the menu, which seems to be to blame. So, perhaps you could pop "Museo Sans 500" in as well as "Museo Sans", and so on, in the font-family values? I probably shouldn't care but I do.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. I tried adding a declaration for "Museo Sans 500" and "Museo 500" but still don't see the love in Firefox 2 with Museo installed locally. I'll see what I can figure out. :)


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