And now, to bring us all up to speed

Since I’m starting anew, there’s a couple of things that bear repeating:

  • WordCamp New Orleans is being held April 10th and 11th and I’ll be there (on Friday), along with Automattic’s own Douglas Hanna and a bunch of really smart people. If you’d like to chat about design, the WordPress UI, CSS3, the new Pepsi logo, or how much you hate Internet Explorer, be sure to find me.
  • Automattic recently released P2, the reincarnation of Prologue, the micro-blogging theme for WordPress. We have some really exciting things in store for the design of P2 that will make it ridiculously easy (and fun) to customize the theme. We use P2 for internal back-and-forth at Automattic and it has brought with it a surprising aspect of collegiality. It’s a pretty cool thing.
  • The “I <3 Blogging" contest is in full-swing, but entries are due March 31. I’ll be one of the “celebrity” judges so get in there and enter your submission. There’s some pretty cool prizes up for grabs and I really want a great design to win!

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