First president to honor the sacrifices of gay and lesbian veterans. First president to protect the employment rights of gay federal employees. First president to recognize the right of gay couples to marry. That’s why.

Are electric cars always slow, planet-saving vehicles? Not necessarily. Contributor Ezra Dyer recently pitted a Tesla Model S electric sedan against one of Germany’s hottest performance four-doors — the 2013 BMW M5 — in an impromptu drag race, and the result was closer than anyone expected. — Automobile Magazine I won’t spoil the result, but maybe you […]

The new iPhone ads remind me of early-2000s Apple in the best way. Naturally there will be a blog post featured on Techmeme soon declaring that they’re a sign of Apple losing its way and diluting its brand.

Keep The Crescent on Kickstarter Hollywood is forcing theaters to upgrade to digital projectors at great expense as the era of 35mm film comes to an end.

Yesterday, my Automattic colleague Joseph Scott launched the VideoPress Plugin for, meaning anyone with a self-hosted WordPress blog can now use VideoPress and their account for high-quality ad-free video right on their self-hosted WordPress blog. :)