You know what, fuck it — I’m 34 years old and after living with butcher paper taped to my windows for the past six weeks, I’m excited about drapery. Deal with it.


I haven’t posted since moving in to the new place. Spoiler alert: it’s great. It’s been a lot of work, too, and a huge emotional adjustment to getting back to living by myself again. Sunday will mark one month since I moved in. I can’t wait to see what it looks like and feel how […]

Never underestimate the healing power of new personal stationery, especially when they’re¬†Moo Luxe cards. Typeface is Verlag.

Around this time of year, I need to remind myself that winter doesn’t last forever. These scenes are from the garden at my mother’s house, planted by its original owner, Wayne de la Rua —¬†Baldwin county’s first Master Gardener. Much of it was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, but I’m happy that we captured a few […]

Bourbon Pub view

Automattic’s Team Social came to visit New Orleans for a team meetup, and I had the pleasure of crashing it over the weekend.

For my birthday a few friends and family took me to the “casino” in Atmore for a fancy supper. The food was good enough to make up for how much money I lost. The number of different ways you can brand a video bingo machine is insane.