The Design of WordPress 3.8

Today the WordPress core team announced WordPress 3.8 “Parker”, a major milestone for the web’s most popular blogging software. In its 10 years WordPress has seen many changes, one of the most significant being the “Crazyhorse” redesign that came with version 2.7 in 2008. Today’s update is the biggest visual update to WordPress since that […]

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Gone Fishin’

At the end of the day, I’ll begin a sabbatical from Automattic that will last until October. It will be the first time since 2004 that I’ve had more than two consecutive weeks away from work. The idea of not working for an extended period of time is all at once exciting, relieving, and terrifying. […]

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Enraptured by Mockups

There’s a set of theoretical designs for iOS 7 going around, and while they’re pretty to look at I’m a little disappointed by those declaring that it should be Apple’s next move. John Gruber thinks differently: There are a lot of clever ideas and nice designs in this iOS 7 “concept” by Philip Joyce of […]

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Say hello to MP6 1.0

Tonight we released version 1.0 of MP6, our experiment in WordPress admin design. It’s hard to believe that it was just back in March that Otto landed the first commit of MP6, which at that point consisted solely of Ben Dunkle’s new flat icons that had been in consideration for 3.6. Ten weeks later, we’re […]

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If you like border-radius: 0; — Matt Miklic (@mattmiklic) December 15, 2012 and box-shadow: 0 1px 2px rgba(0,0,0,0.1); you'll be glad you did. — Matt Miklic (@mattmiklic) March 7, 2013 you just might like MP6, an experiment in WordPress interface design. All kidding aside, we would appreciate all the feedback and ideas you may have; […]

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Making Sense of HiDPI Media Queries

Update, November 2013: Opera 15 was released in July, and the current stable version is 17. With its new rendering engine Opera’s media query support now mirrors that of Chrome on every platform. As such, I’ve retired -o-min-device-pixel-ratio from the suggested syntax below. There are a number of methods of deploying high resolution assets to […]

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New digs

For someone whose job title is “designer,” you’d think I’d remember to think about the design of my blog more often. Truth is that I used to fiddle with it constantly, but since I started blogging with WordPress a few years ago it became easy to get comfortable with a theme and forget about it. […]

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Design in WordPress 3.2

The focus for this release was making WordPress faster and lighter. The first thing you’ll notice when you log in to 3.2 is a refreshed dashboard design that tightens the typography, design, and code behind the admin. (Rhapsody in Grey?) — Matt Mullenweg, WordPress 3.2 now available Back during the development of WordPress 2.8, the […]

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WordCamp Savannah

I’ve been anticipating this trip for so long, I managed to let the date creep up on me without mentioning it here. On Friday I’ll head to my adopted second home of Savannah, Georgia to speak at the inaugural WordCamp Savannah. It’s being organized by my coworker, the inimitable Jane, so you know it’ll be […]

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VideoPress for

Yesterday, my Automattic colleague Joseph Scott launched the VideoPress Plugin for, meaning anyone with a self-hosted WordPress blog can now use VideoPress and their account for high-quality ad-free video right on their self-hosted WordPress blog. :)

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WordCamp New Orleans

On Friday, I had the great pleasure of attending and addressing WordCamp NOLA, the first WordCamp in this neck of the woods and a great introduction to the WordPress users of the Gulf Coast. The organizers did a fantastic job of putting together a really polished event, and the attendees I was able to speak […]

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WordPress for iPhone 1.21

Update: Because this got mistakenly posted to Twitter when I moved my blog over to, I should mention that this is an old post, and WordPress for iPhone 2.1 is the most recent version available. :) Original: After a slight hiccup with 1.2, I’m proud to point you toward WordPress for iPhone 1.21, a […]

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