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Mardi Gras is over now, so I’m a little late to help this year. But I’m writing this in hopes that some guy will stumble across it and remember it next year. There’s a strange thing, founded in a misunderstanding, about Mardi Gras. I’ve noticed it before, but the number of times I heard or […]

Bourbon Pub view

Automattic’s Team Social came to visit New Orleans for a team meetup, and I had the pleasure of crashing it over the weekend.

Sitting across from me in the Pub, a most excellent surprise. Neither of us live in New Orleans anymore.

Reddit Thrives Under Hands-Off Policy at Advance Publications David Carr from the New York Times has published a story about the great deal of autonomy that Advance Publications has given Reddit since it took over that site years ago. What I found amazing about the piece is that nowhere in it does Carr mention what […]

Live music permit crackdown unplugs entertainment at two popular New Orleans bars, by Claire Galofaro at the T-P: “Without live music, the survival of this bar is questionable,” he said. “And without live music, the survival of this city as a tourist destination is questionable too.” Up ’til now I’ve been a huge fan of […]

WWL TV: Tom Benson’s letter stating his interest in buying the Times-Picayune The city of New Orleans is a city of immense culture, economic growth and host to millions of people annually; it is a nationally and internationally recognized city, it is a city deserving of a seven day a week newspaper. Gambit: New Orleans […]

Still waiting for Google to update Street View in New Orleans and have yet to get an Apple Store in the city itself, but I noticed today that the city is now 3D in the new iOS 6 Maps. And she’s looking gorgeous as ever. Flying over the Quarter, the ‘dome, Audubon Park and my old […]

From DashThirtyDash, the Times-Picayune Employee & Contractor Assistance Fund, comes an amazing — but depressing — email from a Times-Picayune/nola.com reporter. This is what a new, enhanced digital focus looks like: I am on the streets talking to a murder victim’s family and friends while his body is being loaded into a coroner’s van after my shift […]

I’m constantly turning to Google Maps’ Street View when I hear about a restaurant or something I want to check out in New Orleans. And every time, I’m reminded that Google hasn’t updated their Street View imagery of the city since I lived there in 2008. Street View is an amazing thing that Google does, […]

The Nation: Rolling the Dice at the Times-Picayune: “This is one of the dumbest decisions by any newspaper publisher ever,” states historian John Barry, a New Orleans resident, authority on the levee system and author of Rising Tide, an award-winning history of the 1927 Mississippi River flood. “The Nola.com website is one of the worst I’ve ever […]

If you’re within digital earshot of me, you’ve probably heard about the corporate owners of New Orleans’ daily paper, the Times-Picayune, scaling back to only publishing 3 days a week and focusing on their online presence, nola.com. Without being unnecessarily rude, this is one of my least favorite sites that I spend any measurable amount […]