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“The Attorney General does not explain how allowing or recognizing same-sex marriage between two consenting adults will prevent heterosexual parents or other biological kin from caring for their biological children … He proffers no justification for why it is that the provisions in question single out same-sex couples and prohibit them, and them alone, from marrying […]

Exodus International, the most well-known of the “ex-gay” advocacy organizations, announced yesterday that it’s “shutting down” and the president of the organization issued a public apology to “the people that have been hurt by Exodus International.” I’ve written about my experience in the ex-gay movement before but I’ve had a hard time formulating a response to […]

A few years ago I wrote about my experience in, and rejection of, the “ex-gay movement.” I mentioned John and Anne Paulk’s book, Love Won Out, part of the materials that my youth minister gave me when I came out to him in 1999. I mentioned in that post that John Paulk was recognized while […]

First president to honor the sacrifices of gay and lesbian veterans. First president to protect the employment rights of gay federal employees. First president to recognize the right of gay couples to marry. That’s why.

Sealing their wedding vows with a kiss shortly after 9 a.m., Chelsea residents Phyllis Siegal, 76, and Connie Kopelov, 84, seen above, became the first same-sex couple to be legally married by City Clerk Michael McSweeney in his Lower Manhattan office. Siegal and Kopelov have been a couple for 23 years, but today is the […]

Today is National Coming Out Day, an event founded in 1988 to bring attention to LGBT issues and to foster a sense of community among gay people by celebrating the act of coming out. In the years since then, we’ve made incredible progress. While the pace may sometimes seem unbearably slow, the world is a […]

In 1997, wracked by guilt and consumed with questions I’d been asking myself since I first realized that I was gay five years earlier, I asked the youth minister at my church for help with “a little problem.” The particular evangelical brand of Catholicism that had gained popularity at the time, Life Teen, espoused the idea […]