Thinking Jail

The new iPhone ads remind me of early-2000s Apple in the best way. Naturally there will be a blog post featured on Techmeme soon declaring that they’re a sign of Apple losing its way and diluting its brand.

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New Orleans in 3D

Still waiting for Google to update Street View in New OrleansĀ and have yet to get an Apple Store in the city itself, but I noticed today that the city is now 3D in the new iOS 6 Maps. And she’s looking gorgeous as ever. Flying over the Quarter, the ‘dome, Audubon Park and my old […]

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Engineering Windows 8 for mobile networks

Engineering Windows 8 for mobile networks

We wanted to eliminate the guesswork in locating and installing device drivers for mobile broadband. We did this by working with our mobile operator and mobile broadband hardware partners across the industry, designing a hardware specification that device makers can incorporate into their device hardware. In Windows 8, we developed an in-box mobile broadband class driver that works with all of these devices and eliminates your need for additional device driver software. You just plug in the device and connect. The driver stays up to date via Windows Update, ensuring you have a reliable mobile broadband experience.

The way that Microsoft has built in native support for mobile broadband in Windows 8 is kind of great. The more of Metro I see the more impressed I am, and I hope Apple’s user experience engineers and designers are taking note.

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Thanks, Steve

When I was five years old, my dad brought home an Apple IIe for the summer (he was a teacher, and they used to close up the schools in the summer) and it changed my life. It made me fall in love with technology. And years later, at my uncle’s house, when I first used […]

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Local boy done good

Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook grew up twenty miles from me in the town of Robertsdale, Alabama and graduated from Auburn University. I’m pretty sure this fact would have to make him the must successful businessman ever to come from Baldwin county. Local station WKRG has the story, along with a video of Tim Cook’s […]

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The Knock-off Apple “Stoer”

The Western news media is replete with pithy descriptions of the rapid changes taking place in China: China has the world's fastest growing economy. China is undergoing remarkable and rapid change. This represents a unique moment for a society changing as quickly as China. You probably read such things in the paper every day – […]

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Another Friendly Speed Test

I’ve been looking forward to doing this for a while. Today, I got an iPhone on the Verizon network. Obviously all comparisons between Verizon and AT&T depend entirely upon where you live. And there are some advantages to AT&T’s 3G network. But if you live in the majority of the country where AT&T has no […]

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iPhone OS 3.0

As anyone interested probably knows by now, Apple gave a preview of the new iPhone OS and SDK today, addressing quite a few of the biggest omissions in current iPhone software. From Apple’s annoucement: With a rich set of over 1,000 new APIs, iPhone SDK for iPhone OS 3.0 beta provides you with an amazing […]

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