WordPress Holiday 2014

Be Merry with This Year’s Holiday Theme and Wallpapers It’s hard to believe the year is already coming to a close. As 2014 ends, it’s time to celebrate the holiday season with our WordPress.com tradition of teaming up with talented artists to create a cheerful WordPress illustration. This year, Mads Berg has dreamed up a scene of togetherness to capture the spirit […]

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You know what, fuck it — I’m 34 years old and after living with butcher paper taped to my windows for the past six weeks, I’m excited about drapery. Deal with it.

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Making it Home

I haven’t posted since moving in to the new place. Spoiler alert: it’s great. It’s been a lot of work, too, and a huge emotional adjustment to getting back to living by myself again. Sunday will mark one month since I moved in. I can’t wait to see what it looks like and feel how it feels when I’m celebrating one year.

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For Posterity

One last look at my office before the packing begins in earnest today. This has been my office since 2008, though it’s changed many times over the years. Working on my flash talk will be the last bit of work I do here. I’m about to burst I’m so nervous and excited for what the next two weeks have in store.

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Goodbye, TextDrive

In 2004 I was a recent art school graduate desperately trying to get a job in my field, and I decided that I should dive into learning web standards to try to gain a skill that would set me apart from my competition. I’d had a very low-paying, part-time job since high school updating the […]

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Hay there

I’m frequently glad I got a Dropcam, but rarely for the reasons I expected.

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WordPress.com on Jeopardy

Alex Trebek said the name of the thing I make. My life, it is complete.

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Reminders of Spring

Around this time of year, I need to remind myself that winter doesn’t last forever. These scenes are from the garden at my mother’s house, planted by its original owner, Wayne de la Rua — Baldwin county’s first Master Gardener. Much of it was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan, but I’m happy that we captured a few pieces of it in photos.

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