Harvey Milk Street is a go!

Matt Miklic:

“Harvey Milk Street” sounds so great.

Originally posted on Queer Landia:

With all the stress of the North Carolina Amendment One vote today, we have some good news.

After a uninamious vote by the City Council Tuesday, San Diego will become the first city in the United States to name a street after Harvey Milk. Blaine Avenue, the street leading to the San Diego LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest, will be renamed Harvey Milk Street.

“Harvey Milk has become a global leader for those who wish for gay civil rights and equality,” said city commissioner and friend of Harvey Milk, Nicole Ramirez. “It’s not just a street you’re naming. You’ll be giving a clear symbol to that young gay man or that young lesbian woman that they too can reach the highest offices.”

There will be a celebration and dedication on what would be Harvey Milk’s 82nd birthday, on May 22nd. More information about that here!

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