Matt Miklic:

David at was kind enough to interview yours truly for his blog. Check it out — I’m humbled to be included alongside some much bigger names (Horace Dediu, Philip Elmer-Dewitt, and who knows who’s to come?)

Originally posted on instantbight:

One more time! Today on we have another interview! I really like doing these things so if you don’t like them, your out of luck.

This interview is with Matt Thomas, a well-known blogger. Matt caught my eye when I read his “Something’s Unraveling Alright” post after it was linked to on Daring Fireball.

I was amazed by the post and the connections he made. Once the time came to find some interviews I contacted him and he was kind enough to oblige to my requests.

Q. How did you first get involved with blogging and why?

A. I started my first website back in 1995, when I was in high school. My address was about 50 characters long and included a tilde, which was impossible to describe over the phone! There was also no Google, so it took a lot of dedication to find and remember a…

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